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  1. performed on or written for a musical instrument or instruments: instrumental music. of or relating to an instrument or tool.
  2. Definition of instrumental. 1 a: serving as a crucial means, agent, or tool was instrumental in organizing the strike. b: of, relating to, or done with an instrument or tool. 2: relating to, composed .
  3. instrumental adjective (INFLUENCE) [ after verb ] formal. If someone or something is instrumental in a process, plan, or system, that person or thing is one of the most important influences in causing it to happen: She was instrumental .
  4. in·stru·men·tal. (ĭn′strə-mĕn′tl) adj. 1. Serving as a means or agency; implemental: was instrumental in solving the crime. 2. Of, relating to, or accomplished with an instrument or tool. 3. Music Performed on or written for an instrument.
  5. adjective. 1 Serving as a means of pursuing an aim or policy. ‘the Society was instrumental in bringing about legislation’. More example sentences. ‘They went to war together and both were instrumental in a victory that many consider a defining moment in Canadian hockey history.’. ‘A few well chosen elements of directorial interpretation are instrumental in making this production more suited to and enjoyable for .
  6. In moral philosophy, instrumental and intrinsic value are the distinction between what is a means to an end and what is as an end in itself. Things are deemed to have instrumental value if they help one achieve a particular end; intrinsic values, by contrast, are .
  7. May 25,  · Instrumental Value You value most things instrumentally, that is, as a means to some end. Usually, this is obvious. For instance, you value a washing machine that works—purely for its useful function, or instrumental value.
  8. Instrumental captures data from the assembly line. AI algorithms process data in real-time, without systems integrators or intensive training. You control production processes from one platform. Easily create AI based monitors, navigate through traceable images, and .

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